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WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls Photograph: BHP Billiton Thursday 9 March 2017 14.02EST Last modified on Thursday 9 March 2017 14.14EST Five months ago, pictures of macaws started popping up on the screensavers of employees at BHP Billitons iron ore operations in Port Hedland, 1,500km north of Perth. The colourful image came with a warning. Increasing WA iron ore royalties by $5 would make them seven times higher than our biggest competitor Brazil, it read . Whats at risk if WA mining is made uncompetitive? The target of the message was the local MP, Brendon Grylls. As leader of the Western Australian National party , Grylls had suggested increasing a minor charge attached to some of the states oldest and most established iron ore mines from $0.25 a tonne to $5 a tonne, in line with inflation. Grylls says hes not worried. Im the member for the Pilbara, I wouldnt have campaigned on it if I thought it would put my seat of the Pilbara at risk, he tells Guardian Australia. As for the rest of the voters in Western Australia, if the Pilbara communities think that it would be fair to charge an updated rental to BHP and Rio Tinto, well then, the rest of Western Australia should be quite happy with it because you would have thought that it would have the greatest effect in the Pilbara. Its a risky strategy. Grylls electorate stretches from the Northern Territory border to the coast just below Karratha, another mining hub 240km south-west of Port Hedland. Pinterest Homes in the mining town of Karratha in the Pilbara region. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images There are streets in Port Hedland where every house is owned by BHP Billiton, inhabited by a BHP Billiton employee who has been encouraged by the company to vote against Grylls.